Attention all brides..... It is giveaway time.

A few mornings ago I recieved and email from Coastal Cigars stating that they wanted to do a giveaway on my blog. You know how I love getting my fabulous readers free things so I obliged.

Coastal Cigars offers personalized cigar gift packs and cigar tastings and rollings for special events. They have rolled cigars at celebrity events as well as provide the swag for other events.

Enter to win a gift this amazing Boss Box:

Boss Box Description:The 'Boss Box' is great gift for any cigar lover. You can get the name of the Groom put right on the box! The box comes ready for consumption, but Coastal Cigars wants the gift to be your box. Their in-house experts will assist you in choosing the proper cigar for your needs, whether its premium, super-premium or private label. Each wooden 'Boss Box' has two separate compartments. One compartment is designed to hold four cigars, matches and a cigar cutter. The opposite compartment is designed to hold your choice of a mini bottle, poker chips or Nike golf balls.

Here's how to enter!!

All you need to do is leave a comment with the following information
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Date of your wedding
4. And lastly, why your Groom deserves this Boss Box. Did you torture him with details during the planning process? Are you Scottish and making him wear a kilt just to appease your grandparents? Is your ex-boyfriend coming to the wedding? We want interesting stories on why your hubby-to-be needs a good smoke.

The top 5 stories chosen by Coastal Cigars and Allure Event Consulting will be put into a contest for your fellow bloggers to chose the winner.

Good Luck!!


  1. 1. Britt Hilgers
    3. July 31, 2010
    4. Well. I must say I'm a little disappointed that this gift is JUST for grooms :) Can't a bride have puff too? I think this would be a great treat for the both of us - a little somethin' something' to kick back with privately after we say our I do's. Even if I said to my groom, "I won these for you for being so great through this whole planning process," he wouldn't dare Bogart all the cigars. Afterall, planning this wedding is a team effort, so why not celebrate with a team smoke?

  2. I could not agree more. I love it! Of course he MUST share the cigars with you. Congrats on the engagement and thank you for stopping by!

  3. 1. Kaitlin Munn
    3. August 28, 2010
    4. My fiance Paul, has been amazing through this whole planning process! He has accommodated all my requests including attending a Macy's registry Event (poor guy!), interviewing multiple photographers and DJs, allowing me to invite my ex-boyfriend's mother to the wedding, and giving my mother much discretion over the big day. He says all that matters is me, and making me happy. He can't wait for the ceremony and saying 'I do', the rest doesn't matter to him. He's been by my side this past year as my mom battled cancer, and I can remember many a nights sitting in his parents' hottub, sharing a bottle of wine, and a cigar to unwind before beginning a new week. Those were and still are the best nights! Funny how the smell of cigars now relaxes me...must be because they make me think of him. It would be awesome to surprise him with this box as a way of thanking him for everything! He loves his cigars! ;)

  4. 1. Vera Devera
    3. 10/10/2010
    4. My husband-to-be has been smoking for almost half of his short 34 years of life. And I made him promise I'd marry him if he quit smoking because I want him to be alive and well for our kids. Quitting smoking is extremely hard for him, and I know it sounds backwards, but I would like his last smoke to be a good one -- not a pack of Marlboros.

  5. Alana
    aapfelbeck at
    What a great giveaway! I'd definitely love to give this to Matt on our wedding day. We've had a crazy year since getting engaged last Spring. We bought a house, started planning a wedding in my home town, scratched that for a destination wedding, then scratched that to please family and are now starting the process of planning the biggest day of our lives in the city we now call home. Matt has been so great and understanding though all of this and truly wants me to have the day I've always dreamed of. He is attentive when I bounce ideas off of him and even shares ideas of his own! Plus, he just agreed to host my brother and his family for a week during Christmas!
    I love for him to be able to enjoy some great cigars next July! He deserves it!

  6. 1. Julie Yamin
    3. January 23, 2010
    4. Oh geez. My groom-to-be deserves this Boss Box because he needs a break! Poor guy has had to put up with so much from his family in regards to our wedding! I feel so bad for him these days! He is so amazing, he shelters me so much from it all to save my sanity but as a result, he is going absolutely mad dealing with an overbearing sister, passive-aggressive mother and an in-your-face stepmom!! He needs a good cigar to kick back and enjoy his wedding day despite the craziness! Please pick him!!! He desperately needs a pick-me-up!

  7. 1. Natalie Reed
    3. May 15, 2010
    4. My Fiance has been AMAZING! He let me take all control and all he has to do is say yes or no when I show him a idea! He even coforts me on my crazy bridzilla days with a glass of red and some chocolate...just what a bride needs haha! But i truely could not make it through this planning headache without him!

  8. 1. My name is Stephanie Vucovich
    2. my email is
    3. Our wedding day is May 29, 2010
    4. My fiance's grandfather was a cigar smoker and on his wedding day he shared a cigar with all of the men in his immediate family. Since then this tradition has been carried out at his parents wedding and more recently at as his older brothers wedding as well. I know how much smoking a cigar with his father and brothers will be for him come May 29, 2010. I would love to contribute to this special moment for my future hubby!!! Not to mention I am entering into a family that never fails to enjoy a good cigar!!!

  9. 1. My name is Alex Wijnen
    3. August 14, 2010
    4. This would actually be for my future brother-in-law Willem Jan, who's marrying my baby sister Claire next summer. He deserves a huge kudos for being willing to get married in the States while he and all his family lives in the Netherlands. He's a very ambitious guy and I think this "Boss Box" of cigars would be perfect for him – he could impress his Dutch bosses and maybe even finagle a raise so he can buy my sister her dream house on a Dutch canal :) (or who knows, maybe instead he'll be handing them out to his boss as he celebrates the arrival of his first-born!)

  10. 1. My name is Alexis M. and my Fiance's name is Jon G.
    2. Email:
    3. Friday, February 19th, 2010
    4. Jon and I moved to Boston 3 years ago, leaving behind our friends and family in Florida to explore new opportunities up north. We underestimated how much we would miss our friends and have wanted to move back to Florida for a while. Unfortunately we weren't able to leave as soon as we wanted and Jon has been feeling it hardest of all because he hasn't been able to connect with too many guy friends up here. My job has been a big factor in why we're still here, and Jon has been patiently waiting for me to find the right time to move back home. He proposed to me last May knowing full well that the wedding would push back our moving plans by at least 7-9 months, and I would like to do something for him that shows him how much I appreciate his sacrifices (especially as we're about to enter the harsh winter months). I think these cigars would be a great gift for him to share with his boys when they get together again, and seem especially fitting for our wedding down near Miami. Thanks so much for your consideration! =)

  11. 1. Nalie Lee
    2. nalie.lee(at)
    3. 06.19.10
    4. We had to do 2 weddings: Church wedding in June and a traditional Hmong wedding. He had to do lots of drinking at the Hmong one, buy Hmong clothes, and pay at dowry for me! He did it all with such an open mind and heart!

  12. 1. Candice Bartlett
    3. 10.31.2010
    4. Mike would just LOVE this! He has already professed how stressed and nervous he will be on the big day - this would be a great relaxer!!


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