Tall Centerpieces

Centerpieces with height add dimension to a room. I find it captivating what bride goes with a super tall centerpiece. Though it truly depends on what your reception venue is. If it is a small room or has very low ceilings a tall floral arrangement might look out of place, but if you are in a ball room or outdoors a tall piece will draw the eye up and make the large space feel more full.

For the same look at a lower cost you could alternate between low and high centerpieces.

Check out a few of these gorgeous centerpieces.
Which is your fav?

Images from The Knot

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  1. So gorgeous!
    I especially love the second to last one!


  2. I quite love the cherry blossom centerpiece - it's very rustic with a lovely pinch of sophistication. Gorgeous selections here, darling! :)


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