Tea For Two

Hello lovely ladies and gents!
A personal favorite theme of mine for any event is a tea inspired party. Tea parties are so lovely! They can go from classic to vintage to modern and can be done so many different ways. My favorite type of tea party is done with a lot of pastels, finger foods, sweets, and gorgeous china.What is your favorite kind of tea party?

Cheers! Xox


The countdown for the Lab Event begins! If you havn't purchased your tickets yet find them here!
four more days!!!!


  1. I'm living in the UK now, and it may sound cliche, but I have developed a whole new LOVE for tea parties! They're just so romantic!:)

  2. A tea party is really awesome! :) What I love about it are the beautiful chinas and the pastries! :D

  3. I see I am not the first- but that tea party and set up is really cute!

  4. Awweee...these are so cute!!! And, of course, SO british!

  5. omg so lovely! everyone in this wedding is either beautiful or handsome! plus i love jagger photog ive been stalking their blog forever! congrats!


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