(Spring Trend) Floral Print

Nothing, I repeat nothing, screams spring more than floral print! I know floral print is a very tasteful design but AH, it absolutely delights me! Check out these wonderful images below of many different ways to add floral print into your big day!
Happy Friday lovelies! Xox


  1. lovely photo's. I love spring colors and prints. Especially florals.

    Your post reminded me of the Devil Wears Prada... Miranda asks about the April issue and the girls

    "Well... they're showing a lot of florals right now, so I was thinking... "

    Miranda says "Florals? For spring? Ground breaking"

  2. LOVE VINTAGE!! This blog is so helpful when planning my wedding. Thank you for posting awesome pictures!! I came across another site that is full of helpful ideas as well. I hope this helps you out! Any who! Here you go! Jessica Cernat Dallas Wedding Photographer


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