Cake Alternatives

I love when people get creative with traditions that are done over and over again. It's so refreshing and eye-catching to see something other than your basic 3 tier cake(although i'm a sucker for them.) I'm always on the look-out for some fun and different cake ideas and found a few I thought were worthy of sharing with you guys! Hope you love these daring and adorable cake ideas as much as I do! Enjoy,
Happy Friday! Xox

Macaroon cake

Cake Ball cake

Cake Pop cake

Crepe cake

Cupcake cake

Doughnut cake


  1. From all the choices, I'd say the Cake Pop Cake is my favorite especially if you are going for a mint-themed wedding. All shades of mint, from the wedding invitations, centerpieces, bouquets, d├ęcor, and the like. However, that crepe cake looks delicious and can go well with any gold themed weddings. Love the cake alternative ideas. Cheers!


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