Speciality Cocktails!

Happy Monday! Fresh off the weekend, and recapping our favored eats & sips were definitely a topic of today's team meeting.

One of our most adorned parts of what we do is being able to design the wedding of our clients dreams. Drawing up details and creating moments that are special and unique to each of our couples is one of our favorite pleasures. One detail that can give your guests a piece of personality is: speciality cocktails. While guests can still be offered an open bar, featuring a speciality cocktail gives the personal statement that every wedding needs.

We are loving the new approach to wedding libations as vendors are starting to be more innovative and creative when working with clients on creating that perfect pour. Sourcing their ingredients from local & organic orchards, gardens and farms to create fresh & unique flavor combinations.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - the perfect day to experiment a cocktail for a date night at home. Who knows, you may end up using it for your wedding.

Cheers to you, and inspiring yourself to do something new this week! 

Happy Valentine's Day - XOXO Bustle

| Photos are from some of our 2016 weddings |

Photography | upper left: Em the Gem, bottom left: Heather Kincaid, upper middle: Heather Kincaid, bottom middle left/right: Anni Graham, bottom right: Heather Kincaid, top right: Anni Graham


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