Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Hi, everyone! Happy Monday to you all! We have so many exciting things coming up. Starting today, the Bustle blog will be posting a lot more regularly with fun and interactive content. This is major happiness for us, because the Bustle team is continuing to expand.

We wanted to start this week off with wedding etiquette. As the wedding season is making its way through, a lot of our brides are currently in the phase of paper design and collaborating with their favorite paper vendor. We have the absolute pleasure of working with so many fantastic paper designers -  one in particular, Alexandra Rinde, she is the owner of Aerialist Press. Her team put together a fantastic tool to help our brides and grooms make easy decisions about their wedding suites.

"Happy Engagement season! Alexandra from Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations here. A big thank you to the Bustle Events team for having us guest post with them today. 

You’ve found your dream venue, and planning is in full effect! Bustle Events is readily starting to form your dream team of vendors and the to-dos seem to be quickly checked off. As the time line starts to narrow down a little further, lots of detailed questions start to pop up. We can probably guess what one is! How to word my wedding invitation? Did we guess it? No worries, we’ve all been there and will happily help you decide. 

Our creative team of paper designers and etiquette aficionados simplified the process by producing an info-graphic and guide to help aide you and your fiancé in selecting the appropriate wording that best fits your wedding yet stays on par with all the fancy etiquette rules. We also listed a helpful set of tips and tricks to shine a little light on what the different attire options are, and the best way to send out your wedding invitations. 

Looking for even more? We created a full list of 21 wording examples for every celebration style you can imagine. You can take a peek at the mega post up on”>the Aerialist blog. We are also happy to answer any other questions you might have in the comments!"

Thank you for reading today! We hope your Monday is a great first day of an amazing week! 
XOXO Bustle


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