I ♥ vintage umbrellas

I am absolutely in love with vintage umbrellas and Bella Umbrellas are my favorite. Bella has done phenominal staying true to the vintage styling of each era.

I love what the classic romance umbrellas add to a wedding. They are a perfect detail for sprinkling, fall weddings or to shade guests from the hot sun in summer. As an added bonus they look gorgeous in photographs.

I sell Bella Umbrellas if anyone is interested, they range from $80.00-$200.00. Please contact me for styles and prices. You can also rent them for your event.

They are made of great quality fabrics and are adorned with vintage inspired handles. The umbrellas come in a variety of colors and styles. I adore the Victorian Pagoda shape made popular in the late 1930's. Check them out in the pictures below.

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