Austin & Caitlin 2016

Austin and Caitlin's wedding embraced the early colors of fall and the late rays of summer's sun. In a field located just outside their family's home a billowy structure floated above the reception area. Colors of dark ruby, eucalyptus, pale corals and gold graced the tables. When the sun set, the reception kicked into full swing under October's starry night sky. It was truly a beautiful and romantic evening! 

Photos by Custock Photography 

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Do you remember....

Happy Monday! We found ourselves playing the 90's music channel on the way to a venue site this morning, giggling about how we could remember a specific place or memory with each song that came on. We had way too much fun while creating more memories!

Speaking of memories - priceless, right? A memory is defined as something remembered from the past; a recollection. They can be held in our minds, through pictures, experiences or a 90's love song. Memories are what we hold onto forever, that often make us happy and fulfilled. They are what our couples cherish after their wedding day through thoughtful, candid photos, the fast moving lens of a videographer or a verbal story from one of their guests. We encourage our couples to relish in each and every moment, enjoy the planning process and experience each celebration to its fullest.

Recently, we read snippets from a journal a bride wrote in 1955 - absolutely in awe! Capturing raw emotions through an old fashioned pen to paper, nothing more authentic than that. Coincidentally, one of our brides was gifted a journal from her aunt asking to put herself to the task of journaling every memory of her engagement; venue visits, wedding dress shopping, food tastings, engagement parties etc. Essentially it will be a gift back to yourself as you read and re-read it throughout the years giving yourself the opportunity to relive the emotions you felt during those special moments. The beauty of pen to paper is that its timeless, will never go out of style, and will be carefully handed down through the generations.

Wishing you all a memorable week! XOXO Bustle 

Journal | Smythson 

Dancing and Details

Check out Karli and Todd's wedding feature on Grey Likes Weddings

Last May, Bustle had the pleasure of working with Karli and Todd, planning a desert wedding for the ages. Incredible dance moves and little personal details filled the room at the Parker Pam Springs. It was quite the funky fresh evening!

This wedding was geometrics and glitter galore. From beginning to end (yes, even before dinner started) the dance floor was overflowing with people.  Above everyone’s shimmies and shakes was our beloved paper gem chandelier. This piece was made with love and a lotta' caffeine!

If there is one word we heard this couple say more often than anything else, it was TUSHIES (so cute!). We surprised the couple with a little dance floor motivation, not that they needed it, to dance your tushies off! We love the little details that make each wedding special, so we try to sneak them into the design as much as possible.

The details continue, with their love of tequila and Karli’s obsession with cute lil’ pigs. I can say with some confidence, these funky fresh details only come together once in a life time. Karli and Todd’s wedding was a blast and so unique to them. #funkyfreshattheparker

Photos by Heather Kincaid

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Speciality Cocktails!

Happy Monday! Fresh off the weekend, and recapping our favored eats & sips were definitely a topic of today's team meeting.

One of our most adorned parts of what we do is being able to design the wedding of our clients dreams. Drawing up details and creating moments that are special and unique to each of our couples is one of our favorite pleasures. One detail that can give your guests a piece of personality is: speciality cocktails. While guests can still be offered an open bar, featuring a speciality cocktail gives the personal statement that every wedding needs.

We are loving the new approach to wedding libations as vendors are starting to be more innovative and creative when working with clients on creating that perfect pour. Sourcing their ingredients from local & organic orchards, gardens and farms to create fresh & unique flavor combinations.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - the perfect day to experiment a cocktail for a date night at home. Who knows, you may end up using it for your wedding.

Cheers to you, and inspiring yourself to do something new this week! 

Happy Valentine's Day - XOXO Bustle

| Photos are from some of our 2016 weddings |

Photography | upper left: Em the Gem, bottom left: Heather Kincaid, upper middle: Heather Kincaid, bottom middle left/right: Anni Graham, bottom right: Heather Kincaid, top right: Anni Graham

Beachy Wedding Dreams

We are so grateful for all this amazing rain, but we can't help but dream of summer's sunny shores!
Here is a little rainy day pick me up for everyone. Beachy bridal party plans just got hotter!

Our friends at Beach Riot have launched their Bridal Collection. Insanely hot swimwear for the bride to be and all her bridebabes. We are loving the intricate and detailed pieces for the brides and fun florals for her gals.

Let's get through this rainy day together. Just imagine, a glass of pale pink rose, crystal clear beaches, and all your bests, in these amazing bikinis and one pieces. Can't wait for the tropical wedding plans to come.
Don't forget a cute towel from Beach Bum Towel Co.!

Tell us about your beachy destination wedding dreams below or send us a quick e-mail. We would love to chat!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Hi, everyone! Happy Monday to you all! We have so many exciting things coming up. Starting today, the Bustle blog will be posting a lot more regularly with fun and interactive content. This is major happiness for us, because the Bustle team is continuing to expand.

We wanted to start this week off with wedding etiquette. As the wedding season is making its way through, a lot of our brides are currently in the phase of paper design and collaborating with their favorite paper vendor. We have the absolute pleasure of working with so many fantastic paper designers -  one in particular, Alexandra Rinde, she is the owner of Aerialist Press. Her team put together a fantastic tool to help our brides and grooms make easy decisions about their wedding suites.

"Happy Engagement season! Alexandra from Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations here. A big thank you to the Bustle Events team for having us guest post with them today. 

You’ve found your dream venue, and planning is in full effect! Bustle Events is readily starting to form your dream team of vendors and the to-dos seem to be quickly checked off. As the time line starts to narrow down a little further, lots of detailed questions start to pop up. We can probably guess what one is! How to word my wedding invitation? Did we guess it? No worries, we’ve all been there and will happily help you decide. 

Our creative team of paper designers and etiquette aficionados simplified the process by producing an info-graphic and guide to help aide you and your fiancé in selecting the appropriate wording that best fits your wedding yet stays on par with all the fancy etiquette rules. We also listed a helpful set of tips and tricks to shine a little light on what the different attire options are, and the best way to send out your wedding invitations. 

Looking for even more? We created a full list of 21 wording examples for every celebration style you can imagine. You can take a peek at the mega post up on”>the Aerialist blog. We are also happy to answer any other questions you might have in the comments!"

Thank you for reading today! We hope your Monday is a great first day of an amazing week! 
XOXO Bustle

Looking back at 2016

We can't believe this year has ended so quickly. The year of 2016 brought us amazing clients who have become friends, major inspirational wedding designs, and the most epic parties ever! We were blessed to be featured again on multiple major wedding blogs over the months, crafted our buns off, and consumed endless amounts of caffeine but it was all worth it for the beauty and happiness that resulted.

Other big things that happened was that Erin started her own luxury beach towel company called Beach Bum Towel Co. If you haven't gotten one yet, you're missing out! Makes for the perfect gift and excuse to splurge for yourself.

Marina made the big jump across the Pacific and moved to Hawaii! We're thrilled to have expanded as she'll now be doing events both in the islands and back in California. She started a rental company there called Roam Rentals, which has taken off with the demand for boho and mid-century modern designed furniture and décor.

Enjoy a look back at some of our all time faves from this past year. SO good people!

1. #funkyfreshattheparker with Karli + Todd was the most fun. Ever! Photos by Heather Kinkaid

2. Kellie + Jake featured on Green Wedding Shoes: Photos by Katie Prichard

3. Lena + Will featured on Style Me Pretty:  Photos by Jessica Burke

4. Rachel + James in Kailua, HI: Photos by Ashley Goodwin

There's no telling what 2017 is going to be bring, but we've already begun booking some crazy awesome clients. Cheers darlings!


Team Bustle
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