Do you remember....

Happy Monday! We found ourselves playing the 90's music channel on the way to a venue site this morning, giggling about how we could remember a specific place or memory with each song that came on. We had way too much fun while creating more memories!

Speaking of memories - priceless, right? A memory is defined as something remembered from the past; a recollection. They can be held in our minds, through pictures, experiences or a 90's love song. Memories are what we hold onto forever, that often make us happy and fulfilled. They are what our couples cherish after their wedding day through thoughtful, candid photos, the fast moving lens of a videographer or a verbal story from one of their guests. We encourage our couples to relish in each and every moment, enjoy the planning process and experience each celebration to its fullest.

Recently, we read snippets from a journal a bride wrote in 1955 - absolutely in awe! Capturing raw emotions through an old fashioned pen to paper, nothing more authentic than that. Coincidentally, one of our brides was gifted a journal from her aunt asking to put herself to the task of journaling every memory of her engagement; venue visits, wedding dress shopping, food tastings, engagement parties etc. Essentially it will be a gift back to yourself as you read and re-read it throughout the years giving yourself the opportunity to relive the emotions you felt during those special moments. The beauty of pen to paper is that its timeless, will never go out of style, and will be carefully handed down through the generations.

Wishing you all a memorable week! XOXO Bustle 

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