Take a minute to relax....

So this weekend my husbands Aunt took the whole family to the Nordstrom Spa in San Fransisco. I must say it is the perfect outing for a soon to be bride to let lose and relax.
I was greeted by their friendly staff who immediately offered us warm comforting green tea. I was shown to a changing room where I slipped into a luxurious plush rob. I then hung up a put my clothes and belongings into a locker. After locking away my things I approached the lounge, which had amazingly soft couches with big pillows. I sat down and sank into the couch. A woman brought over a heated blanket and wrapped it around me and filled a bowl with warm lavender scented water for me to soak my feet in. As I sat and talked with my mother in law I thought about how very close to heaven this felt. I literally melted into the couch.

After about ten minutes my masseuse came to get me and led me back to the massage room. I slipped off my rob and situated myself under the warm sheets. The lady returned and began my amazing hot stone massage. She placed hot stones all over my body and used them to massage every inch of it. This was my very first hot stone massage and I must say I loved it! I love the warmth that the stones exuded through my body. For an hour I was drifting in and out of sleep. I have never felt so relaxed.

After my massage was complete I was escorted back to the lounge where I sipped on lemon and cucumber infused water and munched on almonds and dried apricots. Life couldn't be more amazing could it? Oh facial as well? Yes Please!

I was then brought back into another room where an esthetician was awaiting my arrival. I nestled into the heated bed and closed my eyes. While I had cream after cream layered on my face and steam opening my pores I took a deep breath. I had chosen the non-surgical face lift treatment which consisted of a light treatment and a hydrating mask. I felt like anew woman after the treatments. My skin felt so rejuvenated and smooth.

I was then shown back to the lounge where I relaxed for a few minutes longer. I then returned to my locker to retrieve my belongings and continued to the dressing room where I put my clothes back on.

The whole time I was thinking how wonderful these treatments would be for a bride. It would be wonderful to getaway from the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, registering for gifts and finalizing honeymoon plans. So gather up your girls and head out for a massage.

The Nordstrom spa offers a wide variety of facials, massages and other skin and body treatments. For a full list check out the Nordstrom Spa.

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