♥Not Wedding Wednesday♥

Starting today on Wednesdays I will be talking about other type of events except Weddings.

Sip & See
The new trend in baby showers is "sip and sees". These are parties are thrown after the baby is born. I think it is the perfect time for friends and family to meet the new bundle of joy as well as nice for the new parents to not have people coming in out for weeks on end.

A Sip & See is typically help 2-6 weeks after the baby is born. I would suggest doing the party as an open house style for a window of 3-4 hours. If you give people a window the parents will not have to worry about their guests staying into the night {surprisingly not everyone know how precious sleep is to new parents}.

How to throw a Sip & See:

♥Pick out invitations that are cohesive to the event theme. Avoid invitations with a pregnant woman on them since the baby has already arrived. I am currently working on a few Sip & See invites so keep checking back.

♥Next plan simple decor. Nothing to over the top. Men will be invited to this type of event as well so you don't want to make it to much like your typical baby shower. I would choose one color for your party and then run with it. I love using pom poms and or lanterns. Check out these lanterns.

♥The menu should be very simple and something that can stay fresh for the duration of the open house. Tea sandwiches, cheese & meat platter with crackers, meat and veggies on a skewer, dips. I love using cupcakes and a mini desert buffet because they can be picked up so easily and taken in the car on the way home. You can provide boxes or bags that are personalized for your guest to fill and bring home. Also, I love the idea of offering a make your own cocktail bar. Have one type of hard alcohol and then provide a few mixers and garnishes.

♥ it is also a great idea to have a station with hand sanitizer and plenty of anti-bacterial soap to keep the new born healthy.

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