Remembering loved ones

Your wedding day is such a special moment to share with your loved ones. That is why so many couples choose to honor those whom have passed in there ceremony. There are many different ways to honor those who have passed.
Bouquet Embellishments: Some brides chose to embellish their bouquet with a locket that holds a picture of the loved one.
Candles: Candles can be lit in remembrance. You can also put in the program the significance of the candle lighting.

Photos: You can create a beautiful table for the photos of loved ones and place candles and flowers on it.

What are some ways you have or are thinking about honoring your loved ones?

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  1. While I like vintage bouquet lockets, I have also heard recently of a couple who tied balloons on guests' chairs at the ceremony. Some guests had balloons with the name of a loved one tied to the end. When that person was mentioned as part of the ceremony, the guests let the balloon go. One balloon was let go in memory of each person mentioned. The rest of the guests let their balloons go when the couple was pronounced as married. The couple and guests found it a very meaningful way to have loved ones mentioned and present in a way.


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