Uganda Jewelry Party

This weekend I had the honor of designing a jewelry party for an amazing cause. Every other year at this time my Dad goes to Uganda to visit different villages and help with the AIDS orphans. This year he decided to purchase a lot of the jewelry the women make and sell in order to provide for there families. My mom then planned on having over many of her friends to sell the jewelry and baskets at a higher price and donate all of the proceeds back to the women who made them.

I want to stick with a rustic fall theme and let the beautiful jewelry be the star of the show. We offered appetizers, wine and small desserts.

For the arrangements I used green button mums, feathers, curly willow and other sticks and fuzzy fox tails. I also set up the jewelry on custom jewelry stands and laid them on the tables in three different locations.

Thank you to everyone who came we raise a great amount of money to send back to Uganda!!!
This week I am working on a Thanksgiving for a client of mine and I will be posting pictures next week!


  1. Erin, do you have any of the bracelets left? How much are they? I might like one if they aren't too expensive

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