Please Take Your Seat....

Happy almost Friday my gorgeous brides. Chairs at a wedding are so important. They should look inviting and they can really make or break your wedding design. If you do get stuck with less than beautiful chairs there are ways to cover them or accessorize them. I have done some research for you and found some perfect ways to "dress up" the chairs you have. Please let me know what you think of these and or share some of your own ideas.

In this first one a sash was created out of the two wedding colors and then tied in a bow around the top of the chair.

You can also use flowers to create a wreath to hang of the back.

Another option is to run ribbon through the back and let it hang vertically down the back.

This style works with any style you can add flowers in instead of the bamboo or hang a crystal from the center of the knot.
Or you can choose to rent couches instead of chairs for a more welcoming warm feel. Though this could get expensive it might not be much more then renting chairs.

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