Event Designers, Planners and Producers: What is the difference?

Let me start by defining each of the three major roles in the event biz. I am going to use Lindsay Landman's fab definitions of a planner, designer and producer.
Design: Related to all visual decor elements including, but not limited to, lighting, linens, flowers, table settings, staging, fabric, food presentation and printed materials. This is sometimes called styling.

Production: After the design is developed, it needs to be produced. This entails everything from arranging flowers to purchasing the candles and hanging fabric to build backdrops. It is the labor element related to the events and what takes them from fantasy to reality.

Planning: The logistical and organizational aspects of events are all planning tasks. Selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, making time lines, setting appointments, ect. Great planning is what makes the party tick because it doesn't matter how beautiful it looks if it is disorganized or lacks flow.

So, now you ask what do I do? I am an event designer who offers my complete creativity and vision for your wedding based off a meeting and a lot of get to know you as a couple and what you want your wedding to be aesthetic to feel like.

That being said I also offer event planning as a separate entity of the design and production.

I know that all of this is new and the term are so fresh in the wedding industry I really hope this helps you all out.
Please let me know if you need more clarification.


  1. Thanks for sharing information about event design. events designing or event management is nowadays a booming trend among the masses and gradually becoming an organized corporate strategy for the corporate houses globally.

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  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out! I love that you are clarifying the terms... it helps brides AND professionals.

    I am also so impressed with your blog overall. I am looking forward to following your progress as you build an amazing design business. Bravo!


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