::Let Spring Ring::

This morning I woke up to the sun shining through my window shades and it put me in the mood for spring. So, I just had to do a post about the most beautiful spring bouquets I could find. These bouquets can be for both spring and summer. I am loving their vibrant colors and free-form shape. Please let me know how you feel about them and which is your fav?

What's Happening at the Boutique?

As the week comes to an end I am finishing up a few quotes, printing bridal shower invites and stuffing invitations. I am getting so excited for Monday where I will be posting live from Wedding 360 The Academy. I am so excited to learn and spend time with people in the industry.
But today I am heading out with meet up with one of my favorite brides for a invitation unveiling. Have a great day everyone.


  1. LOVE! Spring and your bouquet selection.

  2. What a beautiful bouquet selection!The third picture is my absolutely favorite!!! Is there anything more beautiful in the world than flowers! Wishing you wonderful weekend.:-)

  3. I love the first and last picture! Such great choices!!

  4. Love the bottom bouquet! Gorgeous


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