Now known as.........Bustle

As of today, Soiree is now (drum roll please)....Bustle!!!

We are incredibly excited about our new name and all that the future holds for us and our fabulous clients. Although Soiree was a great company name, we found that it was easy to confuse with many of the other Soiree's out there - our event services are distinct, and our name should be the same.

With this change we now have new contact details: email address, twitter, facebook page, and website - all of which have been updated to the right.

Our new web address is

You'll notice a few little changes to our look, but all else will remain the same.
Thank you for understanding our need to make this change, and Bustle Event Design hopes you are as excited as we are about our future together!


  1. Congrats on the new name, I love it! Definitely is memorable and stands out.

  2. I love your new name! It works on so many levels :) The hustle and BUSTLE of a wedding... the BUSTLE of a wedding dress. So cute!

    luv, Kimberly
    Style Unveiled

  3. love the new name!!! so cute :) xoxo, c

  4. Congrats Erin! p.s. I updated your banner on my sponsor side bar ;)


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