Put your Initials on it

This is one wedding fad I cannot get enough of. I love the polished look of the wedding couples initials either hanging in a tree or standing on a bar. Where ever you place them they will look fab. I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. They are just fabulous! I have been creating and selling monogram wreaths for about fifteen years and people just love them. I have sold them to realtors to present as housewarming gifts when they close on a house and I personally give them as hostess gifts when I attend a special soiree. Generally, I use eucalyptus or sheet moss and the one I have hanging above my fireplace mantle is fifteen years old!

    gerre lynne

  2. I love them! All of the ones you've posted.

    I made some initials and matching wreaths for my wedding 5 years ago from pretty white roses and had them displayed in our home, proudly, for a long time. I have a handmade shop and have had requests to make and sell them but they are pretty time intensive and have loads of flowers so the price was too high for most people. They are such a wonderful idea and are that extra special touch to weddings and other special occasions!
    You've inspired me... I just might have to make one for my daughter's room!
    xo Kimberlee of Gracefully Girly


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