A touch of Romance

These romantic bouquets are so soft and airy feeling. I love the gentle colors and the flower choices could not be more perfect. I think a amazingly soft and muted bouquet can have just as big of a WOW as a bright vibrant and rich bouquet.
Who else is using soft and romantic flowers? Are you?

{the knot, JL Designs}

What's Happening at the Boutique?

This week I have been cranking out a whole lot of invitation orders...... wedding season is in full swing! I have also been brainstorming up the lovely details for an upcoming photo shoot. This weekend I have designed for a graduation. I am so excited about the details of this event and even more excited for the super fun girl we are throwing it for.


  1. That top bouquet takes my breath away!

  2. White bouquets get me everytime...but my favorite is the added feathers! They add more texture and they're just plain rad!


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