Dressing Up Again

I was married more than five years ago and adored the "look" I chose for myself as the bride... and yet as I stepped into the role of bridesmaid extrordinaire this year and watched my dear friends shop for perfection in the form of a white gown, I couldn't help but wonder what I would choose if I were given a repeat go-'round in bridal bliss.

This week is officially the holiday season so today I am pretending it's 2005 again, but with my personal 2010 holiday style. Why not, right?

This ivory gown is gorgeous. Structured detailing at the top with an effortless flowing skirt. Love it. Reasonable price tag for a custom fit: $1695.

I'm a sucker for big earrings, and for $38 at Anthropologie, these are a bridal bargain.

I love traditional high (as in extra high) heels, but right now I love the look and comfort of these boots even more. A fine surprise covered by chiffon, yes please!

...and while picking up the boots at JCrew, I would gladly add this mustard scarf to the mix. Color is a must for me and the deep hue and soft cashmere make it extra appealing.

Etsy, Julietta Gown by Leanimal

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