Cherry on top

Every day twice a day during this time of year I drive through a street lined with cherry trees and "u-pick" cherry stands. I absolutely love it! The air smells sweet and all you see is green and red. Freshly picked cherries have the richest red color and are perfect for dressing up any wedding! Not to mention they are the sweetest treat to snack on!
Eat, drink, and be cherry! xoxoKait


  1. The use of cherries is a very good idea, I think I've seen it in some of the weddings we were a part of.

  2. Cherries! You are killing me! I love this! I'm copying the cherries for my 4th of July party! Marvelous! One thing I love about some of these more light-hearted affairs is that the ideas can be used for so many other things. I'm not planning a wedding, but I just love all the fun little details in weddings that make a party memormable and fun! Love the blog!

  3. I love cherries, but not sure I would want this as a personal touch in my own wedding.


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