Inspiration is Everywhere

Being an event designer I always get asked where I draw my inspiration. I draw my inspiration from all different areas of live. It is everywhere! Here are just a few recent bit of inspiration I have found.

These perfect swatches would be amazing for wedding signage or seating chart display.

Love these for vases and centerpieces.

This table would make a perfect dessert display or sign in table or if you could get enough guest seating tables.

This sign make of cardboard is killer and would make a cool photobooth backdrop or wedding sign.


  1. I love the quilter's hoop wall...I am doing something similar for Finnley's room!

  2. Lovely post - shows how inspiration lies almost everywhere we might choose to look! But it's up to those us to decide what to do with that inspiration.

  3. Another perfect idea! Love all the given ideas in here especially about the cardboard backdrop. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


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