Wrapping It Up Pretty

Hello Again! Allison here from Engaged & Inspired yet again. I hope you guys are starting to get used to my Monday posts.

I'm always looking for ways to wrap things up. Be it favors, invitations, gifts, it really doesn't matter, if I can wrap it in something, I most definitely will! Here are some cute ways I have found to wrap recently.

Wrapping wine, or any other drink rather, in a dishcloth is a cute way to gift twice and gift just right.

There are plenty of things you can use kraft bags for, and finding a cute way to wrap them up tight is half the battle. I like the idea of a simple doily or even a printed band around it.

Wrapping with fabric is basically the most genius thing. If only it wasn't so pricey! Check out the whale fabric DIY to make your very own.

How are you wrapping things up all pretty?


  1. These are really adorable ideas. For the brides to be, I just wanted to share this website with you! These little sleeves are a great idea for any wedding!


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  3. These ideas are good, I would love to try it...


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