Tree Trimmings

Looking to add a rustic element to your wedding? Think know further than your backyard. Just do a little tree trimming and ta-da you know have wedding decor. The options are endless when it comes to tree stumps. Then be used in so many different ways to decorate your wedding.


  1. What a wonderful earthy feel! Last weekend a wedding at our venue used grass beds for place card holders, which was another wonderful way to bring the outdoors in!

  2. What a fantastic look. I always love the ideas posted here and I'm incorporating as many of them as possible into my wedding in September. The only thing we're still stuck on is helping my hubby-to-be find a wedding ring for himself (the last jeweler recommended tungsten due to its durability, but in an ironically funny story, she dropped it when showing it to us and it broke. Can you believe it?). We're going to keep everything simple and rustic looking and these ideas are so perfect.


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