Name That Table

Sick of the normal table numbers? Do something different and use table names. Choose something that is meaningful to you both for example: Movie you love, places you have gone on dates, concerts you have attended together.


  1. Love this. I recently worked a wedding with a couple that had different kind of wine grape varietals as the table names! So creative and unique to the couple.

  2. 3 styles for everyone, the wood plate is lovely but the one with little birds exceeds it and in a modern way is the last of all examples. Now it is all about the wedding theme and style for what to choose right?

  3. very cute something different. Its nice when everything is matching and is in a different theme to just the normal things. Great blog

  4. Great ideas! For our wedding, we put numbers on lights hanging overhead. And we recently photographed one with actual goldfish in bowls in the center of each table. At the end of the night, there were some happy kids with new pets!

  5. These are wonderful ideas and so pretty. Thank you for posting. Nice blog.

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