Wedding party app

Hold the phone!!! 

There is a new App in town that is KILLER!!! Wedding Party App is a bride, groom, bridal part and guests best friend. I mean how great to have one place where your guests can upload pictures, read your timeline, watch a live stream of your wedding and so much more all in one place!!! Download the App now and start creating your custom place for all things personal to your wedding.


  1. Great ideas. I think the last, seeing the wedding in real time for those that can't make it is on top for me at least.

  2. Having guests upload wedding photos they've taken allows couples to have captured moments that perhaps the pro photographer wasn't able to catch. :-)

  3. The planning and organizing the party is not an easy one. The newly engaged people may use the wedding planner app and features are mentioned in this post. I hope this post of information will be more useful for the engaged couples when planning their dream wedding.


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