Don't toss the bouquet just yet!

After the party has finished, what are you going to do with all your flowers? You have a few choices, keep them for yourself, let guests take them home, throw them away, or my favorite option- donate them! It's a great way to make your wedding a little more environmentally friendly. I chose to donate all my wedding flowers to a local retirement home. Community centers, hospitals, or local charities are also great places to donate your flowers. Definitely something to think about and a great way to give back! 

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  1. What a lovely thought! Passing on the happiness from your day onto someone else :) I think the retirement home and hospital are an especially nice idea to give your blooms to. Besides, you'll be so busy in the couple of days post wedding wether jetting off on honeymoon, or opening your gifts that you won't even notice they're not there!xx


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