Put Your Best Face Forward

I was recently sent Bona Clara Makeup Remover, Toner & Anti-Aging Treatment Cream for women in their 30's and I must say I am loving it all.

The makeup remover felt amazing on my skin and swiped away the dirt, grime and makeup with little effort and didn't even dry out my skin in fact I actually felt as though it hydrated my face. Next up was the toner and I loved the fresh light smell it had when I first sprayed in on the cotton and it felt refreshing as it touched my skin. Finally I applied the anti-aging treatment and I LOVED it. It was so hydrating without feeling greasy and left my skin feeling and looking revived and glowing. 

I have been using this regimen for the last week and I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall skin tone, elasticity and hydration.

Brides this would be the perfect gift to yourself to get your face photo ready for your big day. Bona Clara offers packages for every age and also has trial packs perfect if your nervous about taking the full purchase plunge.

Happy Friday!

These items were gifted to me and the review is from my actual experience.

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