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I know I am way ahead of myself but I just had to share with you an inspiration board I have been working on for a Valentines day wedding. Call me a sucker, but I love Valentines day and all the love that surrounds it. I am normally not a fan of red at weddings though I think for a wedding near Valentines day it is essential. I do have another Valentines day inspiration board I am working on with no red I will share with you as we get closer to the holiday.

P.S. I would love to here proposal stories from over the holidays. I am offering $100 off my services to the best proposal story. Please email me at withy our name wedding date and your story. I will announce the winner on January 4th.
Good Luck!!!

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  1. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three years now, and I warned him that I was extremely obsessed with weddings. Naturally, throughout our dating, I always talked about weddings, and I would fantasize about our special day. I would give him rings, print outs of places to get married, etc. I talk about weddings non stop, and I knew that when the time came, not only would my wedding be planned relatively quick (due to the obsession) but also that he would pick the right ring that I would love.

    Little to my knowledge, he has had the ring for over three months, and was waiting for the right time to propose. He talked to my parents and asked for permission. Everyone was in on the proposal, his whole family, and my mom and dad. Christmas day came 2009, and I was hanging out with family, when my mother comes into my grandparents house (shes out of town, and is not with my father.) She gave me some presents to open and wouldnt let me open the rest of them. Three presents stared at me, and I could not open them!

    My father was given the sign to go and get Jerry's (my fiancee) present, and my father put the gift on the table. Jerry got up to get the gift out of the bag, and pulled out the ring. I couldnt believe it!! I didnt even let him get the question out before I exclaimed YES!!! I burst out into tears, was shaking, and was so happy!!!

    Best Christmas Ever!!

    -Blair Scroggs


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