Maid change up...

The newest trend that I am swooning over its when each bridesmaid wears a different dress. I adore the uniqueness and depth this look provides. What do you think?

I also am falling more and more in love with the idea of the bridesmaids all wearing a different shade of a color. This can really set your wedding apart when done correctly. When you go to try on bridesmaid dresses keep an open mind. If you have bridesmaids with very different body types it would be better if you went with different style dresses that complimented each body type.


  1. How cute are the girls in the eclectic champagne colored dresses? Love this trend, everyone in the bridal party gets to feel happy and great!

  2. This is a great trend because not every girl looks great in the same dress.

    I hope this trend is here to stay.

  3. I LOVE the top left dress! Gorgeous. Who makes it?

  4. beautiful! i love those green dresses! So unique.


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