It's Time to Lounge

Sorry for the delay today my Internet has been acting up.
If you have it in your budget and you want create a place for people to relax and chat over drinks a lounge is the way to go. There are many rental companies that will rent couches, chairs and tables. The plush texture of couches adds a luxurious feel.

If you don't have it in your budget to rent lounge furniture try asking your venue if the have cocktail tables that you can arrange in a delegated spot to create a lounge feel.


  1. Swooning over the tree pillow - what a nice touch!

  2. i went to a wedding in charleston where they had the lounging area with a fire pit and s'more ingredients, very much like the lounging area in pink/turquoise that you posted. i LOVED it. it was a great spot to relax for a break during dancing.


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