The Light is Just Right

Lighting is the secret ingredient to any event. If you dim a rooms mainlights and fill a room with uplighting, paper lanterns and pin lighting on the cake and head table you can create a real romantic feel. If you love color lighting is another great way to bring color to you wedding. Though the lighting should be determined by the venue you don't ever want to take away from you setting you only want to enhance it.

If you do not room for professional lighting in your budget you can always use Christmas lights, they put of the perfect soft light.

What's Happening at the Boutique?

Yesterday which was my day off I actually accomplished so much, I love when that happens. I finished a brides final invitation sample. I worked on two more invitation orders for a bridal showers and completed multiple brides Task Sheets. This time of year is so exciting I love weddings. I am meeting with a florist and finalizing another floral with another bride.

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