The Simple and Detailed Cake

Cakes are so important and yet many people end up getting to the cake and just don't know what they want. A simple cake can pull together a classic wedding and a detailed cake can be yet another way to wow your guests. I adore both types and only you (and your designer) will know which style of cake will best suite your wedding.

P.S. The taste of a cake is just as important or all that money you spent on it will go to waste. Make sure you taste your cake before you decide.

Check these amazing cakes and let me know which you love.

{photo credit: Sweet and Saucy shop, Martha Stewart}

What's Happening at the Boutique?

Yesterday I met with yet another wonderful bride. I am so excited to work with her. I swear I am such a lucky designer, all of my brides are so sweet. I am working away like crazy for the rest of this week, so I am ready to leave on Friday afternoon for one of my brides bachlorette parties. I am so excited we are off to Calistoga for wine tasting, dinner and spa day.

Well I am off to get more work done. Have a perfect Wednesday!

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