Wedding Food on a Stick

I don't know if it is the feel of a carnival or just the child within you that comes out when you eat food off a stick. I love how creative caterers and bakers are getting with the food for weddings. Check out these pieces of perfection on a stick. I would love to know if you are serving any of these items.

Sticks are perfect for both sweet and savories.

What's Happening at the Boutique?

I am working away on time lines and finishing up a few invitation orders. Creating details for a few upcoming weddings. This weekend I am having a brain storming for a photo shoot in July. I cannot wait to show you pictures from the gorgeous wedding this passed weekend.


  1. Love the pies and mini pancakes! So cute and so delicious. Guests would love them and just get a taste of their sweet treats. If you want more help planning your wedding is another great site.

  2. There is an awesome wedding food on stick if you love pancakes and pies then you must arrange this dish in your wedding.

  3. My, don't these look delicious! I adore the mini pancakes on sticks. Caterers really are getting more and more creative for food presentation. Not only do they look and taste delicious, they can be carried around too! I never thought food on sticks can also be for weddings. I've been so used to seeing them in cocktail parties. Great ideas!

    Bruce Naughton

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  5. Wonderful blog!! Pleased to see these stick candies. They are perfect for kids. Will surely have them for my wedding. Going to try delicious wedding recipes from Nom Food Community. Hope my guest will love these recipes.

  6. I think it's perfect for a garden wedding, Thanks for the ideas! you can also check this wedding catering packages for food ideas

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