Delectable Decor

The standard wedding cake has a battle on it's hands with a tough competitor. Taking it's place is the wonderfully styled dessert bar and how could one resist when it can offer so many choices. Plus the pure beauty of some of these delectable desserts is also not helping. How many of you are serving a desert other than cake?


  1. I love this idea because not only does it offer more of a variety for your guests, but color-coding your dessert table adds to the theme of your wedding and makes it look more chic! I've been seeing so many of these lately, the classic wedding cake may go extinct!

  2. Oh wow. I ate breakfast this morning and am still drooling over these! I think desserts are great for weddings with only one cake flavor. Not everyone likes chocolate (etc.) so to be able to offer alternate choices seems so hospitable to me.


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