Music to my Ears

{todd rafalovich}

Music is such an important element to a wedding. The music playing when you enter a wedding will set the mood. Choose something that will go with your theme for an example if you are having a vintage inspired wedding choose Frank Sinatra or a classic favorite. Also you need to decide if you are going to have alive band or hire a DJ. Live music can be such an added bonus to a classy regal event.

For your ceremony you can stick with the wedding march or change it up a little. There are so many amazing classical songs or catch your guest by surprise with an upbeat song. Music can truly make your wedding unique.

I also suggest for dancing you do a mix of old and new music so people of all ages can dance. The goal is for everyone to let loss and have fun.

What are you thinking of playing at your wedding?

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  1. oh gosh, i am still trying to struggle with the ring.....have not thought about it yet....

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