Destination Love

I woke up on this mid-work week day and began daydreaming of traveling and destination weddings. I envy all of you who have made or are making this dream a reality. But to the rest of us, buckle your seat belts, we are off to dreamland! Destination: love.

Destination: Ireland

Destination: Maui


  1. That last wedding in Maui is gorgeous! What a beautiful ceremony setting! Great picks!:)

  2. wow, the 4th pic is absolutely amazing!!!! I sooo envy them!!!!

  3. What a beautiful wedding. I love how much this wedding was about life, people and love. They took time on their day of hectic running around and devoted it to their close friends and love ones: this is what a wedding is about. The favorite thing about my wedding is that I didn’t feel like it was a check list: my wedding was small and filled with family, it was laid back and we got time to talk to everyone there (not a “hello” but actually talk). This is what I love about weddings.Beautiful wedding!

  4. Yes, I agree! The setting of the wedding is awesome! And it is great that the photographer really captured the moments of the wedding event. You can see the happiness spread across the faces of the couple and their guests. It is also nice that even the smallest details were photographed. The photographer did a great job and I know that wedding photography MN can do an awesome job too.


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