{A Week of Beauty} Day 2

What would a week of beauty be without a mascara. No matter what type of event you are having mascara is a must have. I have tried so many different Mascaras and about 3 years ago a friend told me about Diorshow mascara and I went to Sephora and bought it; I was willing to try anything. Immediately I loved the wand. It is huge and full, which could only mean it would cover every lash. After one application I was hooked. I normally have very thin and short lashes. Diorshow mascara gives me the length and fullness I have always wanted. My newest discovery is Diorshow Blackout. I highly recommend trying it out.

Since we are on eyes today I will throw in another suggestion. I am also hooked on MAC eyelashes. They have a huge selection of all different lengths and thicknesses. My favorite is #7 it looks the most natural. I apply a pair before I attend any event. I love the darkness they add to my makeup. They make my blue eyes pop. You can head to your local MAC store, Macys or Nordstrom and they will even teach you how to apply them!

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