{A Week of Beauty} Day 3

Ok so when you hear the words Mary Kay what do you think? For me it was old lady, or blue eye shadow and pink cheeks. Not only have they come along way on their color pallet, but I can tell you first hand that their skin care line is actually great! A friend of mine began selling Mary Kay a few months ago and I wanted to support her, but I am also loyal to my make up brands, so I thought I would try out there moisturizer. She gave me the Advanced Moisture Renewal Treatment Cream and I love it. I have very dry skin so this product really works well. If you have more oily skin they offer one specifically for oily skin as well. The best thing is it is only around $25 so you don't have to go broke. I also love there satisfaction guarantee, if you don't like it after using half the bottle you can return it for a full refund. Check out my friends Mary Kay website for more products and information.

You can win this Satin Hands Gift Pack! The set includes Satin Hands® Satin Smoothie® Hand Scrub, Extra Emollient Night Cream and Satin Hands® Hand Cream in a peach-colored bag.
A $35.00 Value!

To enter just email your name and address to soiree.eventdesign@gmail.com. I will randomly select the winner on Monday July 20th.

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