{A Week of Beauty} Day 5

I am going to wrap up this week of beauty with Smashbox's Photo Finish. This product stands far above the rest with its ability hide all imperfections. I always apply this product before any other makeup. It almost perfects the canvas for everything else to be placed upon it. I don't know what I would do without it. It feels light going on but covers and evens skin tone magically.Photo Finish fills in fine lines and big pores as well. It comes in a few shades for evening out skin tone. This also has SPF 15 in it so you can fend off the wrinkles and rays. How could you not wear Photo Finish on a day when you will be in front of the camera all day? Believe me, you will love it.
P.S. This was an Allure Magazine Editor's Pick, so you know it's a great product!

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  1. I Love love love this stuff! I actually don't use the one with the SPF but I probably should! Oh and if you use Sephora's touch up spray over your face when your make up is all finished, it stays on even longer...like I can wake up with my face in pretty much perfect condition!! The lady at sephora told me she used in on a model in 110 degree weather and his makeup didn't move even tho he was sweating profusely, so of course I had to buy it! love it all!


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